Harris Farm Markets

Rebranding a supermarket

During my time at Special Group in Sydney, I worked on rebranding an iconic supermarket.

'Harris Farm' is a fast-growing premium grocer, with ~30 stores in New South Wales, Australia. They've been around since 1972 and are the madly-loved Aussie version of Whole Foods.

Our idea was to position HFM as more of a market than a supermarket - where the brand stood for not just good food, but the cumulative goodness it did for farmers, the environment, local communities and customer’s hip-pockets.

For The Greater Goodness is a long-term platform and tagline which unifies all facets of their business under one simple purpose.

It is brought to life with a complete redesign of everything from price tags, to uniforms and store layout. It's a visual style inspired by farmers' roadside signage. A bright, new language that pays homage to their lo-fi, hand-painted, market heritage.

Creatives: Charlie Gearside, Jack Nunn, Pim van Nunen