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Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets is a fast-growing premium grocer, with ~30 stores in New South Wales, Australia. They've been around since 1972 and are madly loved. Think of them as an Aussie Whole Foods, with an emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our idea was to position HFM as more of a market than a supermarket - where the brand stood for not just good food, but the cumulative goodness it did for farmers, the environment, local communities and customer’s hip-pockets.

For The Greater Goodness is a long-term platform and tagline which unifies all facets of their business under one simple purpose.

It is brought to life with a complete redesign of everything from price tags, to uniforms and store layout. It's a visual style inspired by farmers' roadside signage. A bright, new language that pays homage to their lo-fi, hand-painted, market heritage.

Creatives: Charlie Gearside, Jack Nunn, Pim van Nunen

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